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Boulder Wall Installation & Repairs in Burnsville, MN

Do you require boulder wall construction and repair services for your property in Burnsville?

While living next to a lake can be provide stunning views, it may also cause problems. Soil and shoreline erosion are constant dangers for lakeside properties. Thankfully, installing boulder walls helps mitigate these issues and protects your backyard. At All State Companies, we’re experts when it comes to constructing and maintaining boulder walls in Burnsville.

Dedicated Boulder Wall Experts

Boulder walls are the best way to reinforce the ground against shoreline or soil erosion. As the lake water moves against the bank, it can erode the substrate. Losing more and more of the shoreline can put your property in Burnsville at greater risk of flooding.

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    Installing boulder walls helps stimulate shoreline restoration and prevents soil erosion. This isn’t just good for your property, but also for local wildlife such as birds and fish. It can also improve water quality. 

    Boulder walls aren’t just for defending your plot against erosion – they’re also fantastic landscaping tools. You can use boulder walls to separate different areas of your backyard, such as patios and swimming pools. Boulder walls can even be used to add different levels to your backyard in Burnsville, helping you shape it to your liking.

    Top Tier Boulder Wall Installation in the Twin Cities

    All State Companies is locally owned and operated. Our team are experts when it comes to shoreline restoration using boulder walls. Using premium equipment, our crew of dedicated professionals can construct, install, and repair boulder walls on your property in Burnsville.

    If you require boulder wall construction or installation in the Burnsville area, call All State Companies today!

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