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Pool Removal Company In St. Louis Park, MN

Are you wanting to get rid of the in-ground pool at your home in St. Louis Park? If so, you’ve found just the company to help.

The team at All State Companies is ready to help you reclaim your backyard by removing your pool. With the help of our pool demolition specialists, your in-ground pool will be demolished and removed in no time. As our removal team works hard to safely and effectively tear it down, you can be sure that the end result will be much better than how your backyard currently looks.

After removing the pool, we can then backfill the resulting cavity in order to grade it into a perfect slope for your dream outdoor living area. Whether you want to install a brand new fire pit, patio, outdoor kitchen, or pergola, you’ll be able to create anything you would like after we remove the old in-ground pool.

Reliable Pool Removal Services

The pool removal team at All State Companies wants to make sure this process is as simple and understandable as possible. To help homeowners with what to expect, we’ve created a basic rundown of the pool demolition process. Here it is:

  • Request an estimate
  • Develop plan for backfill
  • Schedule your pool demolition date
  • Pool removal process
  • Remove debris from job site
  • Complete backfill process
  • Grade the backfilled area

Remove Your Backyard In-Ground Pool Today!

For all of your pool demolition needs in the St. Louis Park area, contact the pool removal and demolition specialists at All State Companies! Our pool demolition experts will get rid of your pool in a safe and effective manner and can even provide you with a backfill service in order to prepare it for your landscaping or wonderful grassy area dreams. Call today!


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    What are the benefits of a pool removal?

    1. Pools can be hazardous for families with young children. By removing your pool, you are removing a significant danger from your property.
    2. Removing your pool will give you more yard space for outdoor activities and new construction.
    3. If you are looking to sell your home, removing your pool may expand the number of potential buyers and make it easier to sell.
    4. Looking to reduce time and money on swimming pool maintenance? A pool removal would be the easiest route to take.
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