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Swimming Pool Removal in Anoka, MN

Are you looking for a reputable company to get rid of the in-ground pool that is currently in your backyard? If so, the crew at All State Companies is ready to help.

Specializing in pool removal and demolition, our professional pool demolition is highly experienced and has all of the necessary equipment to remove your backyard pool with ease. Completing this project will allow for much more room to be available in order to create a beautiful and usable backyard living area.

Pool Demolition Professionals

Once our experienced pool removal team arrives at your property, they will begin by breaking up the pool floor and then tear down the sides of the pool. The heavy equipment operators will then get rid of the pool debris by loading the heavy duty dump trucks in order to be hauled away. Once the debris has been completely removed, you will then have an open area that is just about ready for your resulting landscaping projects.

Before beginning your landscaping projects, it’s very important to complete the process by adding backfill to the cavity in the ground where the pool once was. When the area is backfilled and then graded, you’ll be ready to install the outdoor living area of your dreams.

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    Quality Pool Removal & Backfill In Anoka

    If you’re wanting to get rid of the in-ground pool at your home in the greater Anoka area, contact the pool removal experts at All State Companies. Our crew of professional pool removal and backfill specialists will provide you with tremendous service. Call today!

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